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Later Lifestyle - making the most of life over 50 and especially retirement.

One of the most important things in retirement is maintaining or increasing our social activity. This can be done through hobbies and new interests but these days the web can play an important part too.

On the Later Lifestyle site we provide two main things:

  • The Later Lifestyle Network - there are now a large number of Social Networks but we want to create something a bit different that has both an ‘enjoyment’ side and a serious ‘contribution’ side.  A network with a real purpose you might say.

    So even if you would never have considered using a social network before do give Later Lifestyle a try and don’t worry about trying out the facilities or making a mistake, it’s a learning experience for us all and you can edit or delete anything you do!
  • Later Lifestyle Clubs - a new concept to match the changed opportunities that retirement today brings. For the first time we have a period of 25-30 years with few constraints and the opportunity to decide exactly how to make the most of it.

    Why not find out about Later Lifestyle Clubs and how they can contribute to making the most of those 10,000 days of retirement!
Try out the Later Lifestyle Network

Just click on any of the Later Lifestyle Network links on this page and you will then be able to browse the Later Lifestyle Network.

But make sure you go through the simple 'sign up' process to make full use of the network and give it a try. You can remove your registration at any time.

Find out more about Later Lifestyle Clubs

Find out about the ideas behind Later Lifestyle Clubs and how to help form or shape a club in your area. Click on any of the Later Lifestyle Clubs links on this page.