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The clubs for making the most of retirement

For discerning men and women who want to have an enjoyable, active and fulfilling retirement

Later Lifestyle Clubs are a new concept to match the changed opportunities that retirement today brings. In general we are much healthier, more active and have a whole new phase of life to look forward to in retirement. For the first time we have a period of 25-30 years with few constraints and the opportunity to decide exactly how to make the most of it.

Why not find out about the concept of Later Lifestyle Clubs and how they can contribute to making the most of those 10,000 days of retirement! Perhaps you would even like to be a founder member of a club in your area.

Later Lifestyle Clubs may offer any or all of:

  • the opportunity to try new experiences and take up new interests
  • a framework for looking after your health, fitness and nutrition
  • a sociable environment to meet like minded people, share ideas and join together to pursue common interests
  • the opportunity to discover things of interest both locally and further afield
  • a leisure and social programme
  • an environment for starting new things and re-capturing some of that ‘spirit of the 60s’
  • a strong local linkage and the opportunity to ‘give something back’

Later Lifestyle Clubs are typically expected to start with just one or two strands of activity of interest to the founder members e.g. a monthly 'Lad and Ladies' who lunch meeting and gradually grow to provide a wider range of activity.

Later Lifestyle Clubs are run and developed by the members, so while they share a common base every one is unique and reflects the interests of its members.

Whether you have a partner, or you are single, a Later Lifestyle Club could be an enjoyable part of making the most of your retirement.  

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Let us know if that you are potentially interested in Later Lifestyle Clubs in your area.

Founder Members and Participating Members
You can register your interest, using the link above, either to be an active founder member interested in helping set up and shape a club in your area, or simply as being interested in being a member of the club and participating in the facilities and activities it provides.