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Making the most of retirement


What do you get by joining
a Later Lifestyle Club?

The idea behind Later Lifestyle Clubs is to provide a sociable environment and the opportunity to join together with others in small or large groups to enjoy retirement, do the things you always wanted to do and to make the most of retirement from every point of view.

Rather than joining a number of different clubs yourself, the idea behind Later Lifestyle Clubs is to provide the opportunity to do all the things you want within the framework of one club and with those whose company you enjoy.

In addition Later Lifestyle Clubs recognise the change in retirement lifestyle of our age group and aim to provide an outlet for a wide range of aims we might have in retirement. Even if there isn't something as part of a club's standard programme, the concept of the clubs is to encourage small groups of members to get together to start a sub-group and gather together like minded people to pursue their own interests.

There are 10 suggested programmes of experiences, activities and interests for the clubs to implement locally but with the members ability to form additional interest groups the opportunities are limitless!

Part of the club philosophy is also to negotiate discounts both nationally and locally to make use of our combined purchasing power and not only allow us to try all these new things but to do so economically.

There is an altruistic angle to the clubs too. Many of us want to ‘give something back’ in later life and sub-groups within the club will allow those who wish to, to come together to really make a difference, whether it be combining in some voluntary activity, raising money for good causes or starting something quite new.

However Later Lifestyle Clubs are typically expected to start with just one or two strands of activity of interest to the founder members e.g. a monthly 'Lad and Ladies' who lunch meeting and gradually grow to embrace these wider ranges of activity.

The Later Lifestyle network just launched is also an important part of club formation and operation. The network provides facilities for setting up one or more groups in each county and putting those interested in touch with one another. After club formation the network supports publication of events and recruitment of further members.


Each club will have the ability to set and vary a small annual membership fee.

Laterlifestyle Clubs are intended to be a family of clubs formed by the members but using the Later Lifestyle name and publicising activities on the Later Lifestyle network.

As clubs grow they have the option to change their status, take advantage of a range of central Later Lifestyle and if they fulfil certain criteria become a Later Lifestyle Silver, Gold or Platinum Club.

Later Lifestyle Limited reserves the right to withdraw permission for a club to use the Later Lifestyle name, or specify how it may be used, if for any reason the club is not considered by Later Lifestyle Limited to be upholding the principles of Later Lifestyle Clubs.

Register your interest
Let us know if that you are potentially interested in Later Lifestyle Clubs in your area.

Founder Members and Participating Members
You can register your interest, using the link above, either to be an active founder member interested in helping set up and shape a club in your area, or simply as being interested in being a member of the club and participating in the facilities and activities it provides.