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The event programme

Each club is run by its members and will develop its own personality. It will usually start with a small programme of activities but over time this programme may be built up and supplemented by local club activities organised by the local committee and sub-groups to reflect members’ interests.

The example programme items below provide ideas for developing club programmes. What is available at any point in time will depend on the choices made by the committee and any additional sub-groups that are formed.

Example programme items:


  • New experience programme
    A monthly programme of new things to try from ballooning and indoor skydiving to clay pigeon shooting
  • Taking it up programme
    The opportunity to first hear about and then try things which may be of interest from Golf and Hashing to Croquet and Tai Chi – mainly organised with local clubs
  • Discovery (local) programme
    Visits to places of interest locally which you may not have got round to visiting or didn’t know existed – from Roman ruins to underground canals
  • Discovery (afar) programme
    Visits to places of interest further afield - from the Eden Centre and Hampton Court to City Visits home and abroad e.g. Bath Spa, Liverpool – Beatles, Eurostar to Bruges...
  • Health programme
    A programme aimed at keeping members fit and healthy and informed on health issues. Including a weekly ‘Walking for health programme’. Plus opportunities to find out more and try other recognised aids to healthy living such as Pilates and Yoga, and talks to learn about topics such as Nutrition and alternative medicine.
  • Leisure and social programme
    A programme aimed at socialising and gaining enjoyment by doing things with others. Including a weekly ‘Lads and ladies who lunch’ programme at a wide variety of pubs and other eating places in the locality. Regular Film and Theatre visits, plus one-off events such as wine tasting or a casino night, to a local Antiques Roadshow or paintballing.
  • Club talk programme
    A monthly talk on topics of interest to ‘later lifers’ e.g. the National Trust, Adult education opportunities, the U3A etc.
  • Work & Entrepreneurial in later life programme
    A programme of activity to inform and create networking opportunities for those interested in working in later life whether that be voluntary work, finding a part time job or starting a new business venture with others
  • Spirit of the 60s/Ideas programme
    A programme to generate some of that altruistic attitude and get up and go we had back in the 60s by considering ideas for improving the community, the country or even the world and agreeing action to cause change and improvement.
  • Doing things for others/Raising money programme
    A programme to bring members together to help others in the widest sense. Encompassing all types of volunteering and voluntary work, money raising activities for charity, or less obvious help like becoming a first aider.


Register your interest
Let us know if that you are potentially interested in Later Lifestyle Clubs in your area.

Founder Members and Participating Members
You can register your interest, using the link above, either to be an active founder member interested in helping set up and shape a club in your area, or simply as being interested in being a member of the club and participating in the facilities and activities it provides.